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Pallarès was set up in 1917 in Solsona, by brothers Lluís and Carles Pallarès Canal, knifemakers and craftsmen.

The family company was continued and expanded under the leadership of brothers Jesus and Juli Pallarès, sons of Lluís, master craftsmen. Today cousins David and Lluís Pallarès, the third generation, head the company.


The goal of the founders which still holds good today is to maintain the quality of the product, especially its cutting quality, which is a fundamental characteristic of the best knives. Over time technical improvements have been incorporated into the manufacturing of the knives whilst endeavoring to maintain maximum quality as the basis of lasting profitability. So it is that, even today, all our knives are sharpened by hand, an artisanal technique established by our founders. As for our products, we manufacture a great variety of cutting objects: knives (kitchen knives, paring knives, knives for professional cooks in hotels and restaurants , breadknives, ham knives, dinner knives...), cleavers (for fishmongers, butchers and for the home), scissors; (kitchen scissors, dressmaker's scissors), nailclippers ..., and other items, all of them in different models and sizes. Our wide range of forged tools includes catalan axes, hoes, billhooks, sickles, scythes, planters ... Pallarès manufactures with two types of steel, carbon steel and stainless steel but, as we said formerly, all knives are sharpened by hand.

Our star product is the knife "Pallarès Solsona" or "Comu", known locally as "navalla Pallaresa" or just "pallaresa" or "Pallares"  Pallares has always made special tools to order and collectors' knives. At present however, the range has been increased with new models of, amongst others, Pyrenean and Busa knives, with handles in horn ( cow, ram, deer ...), in micarta, in boxwood, etc. Pallarès also thinks of hunters' needs and we have brought out our first dagger available with an olivewood or a rosewood handle.

You can find us in Solsona, industrial Poligon Els Atmetllers park 37 (telephone number: +034 973 483054).

where we will be very happy to meet and serve you. Because as we say in catalan: SI VOLEU QUE TALLI MÉS COMPREU UN PALLARÈS.

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